Along with Alicante Valencia is one of the two entrances to the Costa Blanca.
Valencia is located about one and a half hour drive from Calp and is ideal for a city trip.

Mercado Central
For those who like fish, meat and fruit, this is a beautiful market Hall.
A range of fresh products, flavours and colours in a historic building. The offer may even lead to choice stress: you do not know what to choose. Can easily withstand the comparison with La Boccaria in Barcelona.
It is centrally located and it is advisable to go there early in the morning. Later in the day it can look very busy. Open from 7 am-3 pm.

Turia Gardens
Another highlight of Valencia can be found in the reclaimed Riverbed of the Turia, also known as the Turia gardens.
The dry riverbed has been transformed into a powerful expression of modern urban design and architecture. Beautiful buildings surrounded by vast gardens with water features.
As soon as you walk in the park or cycle do you feel the rest. A green lung in the heart of the city.
At the end of the Turia is

Bioparc Valencia
Beautifully Bio-animal park with respect for nature and animal, with respect for the natural habitat of several animal species (endangered) is imitated. The film documentary ‘ the heirs of the arc ‘ and the animal shows in the amphitheatre are well worth it.

Oceanografic is more than just fish tanks, it has a beautiful Sea Aquarium.
Partially above ground and partly underground you see dolphins, sharks, manta rays etc. to pass you by. Underground you walk through a fairly long glass tunnel, where you get the idea that you can walk on the seabed and a variety of large and small fish species pass you on all sides.
You will also find sea lions, seals and penguins.